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5 Ways to Weave Digital into End-of-Year Giving

Agile systems are essential in driving impact in this season of nonprofit fundraising. Shifting to a digital strategy can help your organization achieve better results and scale new heights for your community.

Here are a few ways you can exploit digital solutions in your fundraising campaign.

Convert Direct Mail to Digital

Numerous in-kind programs rely on direct mail. As more people embrace digital solutions, you can co-opt a digital strategy to your usual direct mail processes. Digital options enable online in-kind donations and ensure that you have an easier time engaging your donors. Your employees and volunteers will easily track in-kind contributions from your donors and distribution to your clients in real-time.

Create Hybrid Event Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that organizations could not have their in-person fundraising gatherings. Opting for virtual fundraising experiences helps you engage with donors regardless of their location. Besides, you can decrease your costs significantly if you blend your in-person gatherings with virtual fundraising events.

Smarter Client Cultivation

If you have more than 3 clients, you may need efficient digital tools to build and serve the community. You could use Nonprofit Cloud to monitor your significant gifting needs and engage better with your donors. Your team can also determine the likelihood of in-kind drive success by using the available dashboard.

Scale with Self-Service

Digital tools help you to empower your donors richly. Your organization can use Experience Cloud to streamline back operations and maintain clean and accurate records. You could also ask donors to fill out the digital drop off form and inform you when they send supplies through the online portal.

Glean Insights with Reports & Analytics

Leverage real-time in-kind drive data to determine your organization’s drive health. Use automated dashboards to gain deeper insights into your activities. You could also align your team using actionable data to lead to success of your drives.

Giving made easy with digital solutions

Set up time with our team to start strategizing your end-of-year in-kind campaigns with an eye on digital giving platforms. These five steps should help you chart a clear way forward and ease your giving initiatives.


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