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Will Volunteering Get Me a Job?

How Volunteering Can Boost Your Resumé, keep reading to learn more.

What can you learn from volunteering? Volunteering can help you develop skills you might otherwise only develop in the workplace, including:

● Communication skills

● Logistics & organization

● Team-building

● Physical strength

● Connections with others

● …And more!

If you’re asking yourself, Will volunteering get me a job? The answer is yes and no.

Volunteering can absolutely boost your resumé with relevant experience & character references! However, getting hired depends on your competency as an individual, including your resumé, cover letter, interview & qualifications.

Volunteering can help you:

● Gain applicable experience for future employment opportunities

● Learn crucial communication skills that will pay off when you join a team

● Gather character references without the threat of losing your paycheck

● Build connections with peers, community leaders & future employers

However, volunteering won’t:

● Guarantee that you get a job

● Be enough as a stand-alone experience

● Negate any gaps in your resumé

● Act as a complete character reference

When employers look at your application, volunteering demonstrates:

● Passion for the work you do

● Empathy & compassion for those in need

● Time management skills

● A willingness to donate time to causes you care about

● Motivations other than pay

In short, volunteering has some amazing benefits, but it’s not the end-all be-all to getting a job! You need work experience, volunteer experience, character references, a solid interview & the right attitude for the job.

Want to start getting volunteer experience to boost your resume? We believe in you

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