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What Qualifies as High School Volunteer Hours?

When it comes to fulfilling high school volunteer hours, the types of volunteering that count will depend on your specific school district’s standards. Check with your school for what qualifies as valid volunteer hours. Read on to see a few popular options!

Most schools require 40 hours of volunteer work during high school as part of their graduation requirements, but don’t worry – once you find something you enjoy, it’ll be a cake walk to get those done.

Step 1: Identify a few passions

Step 2: Look into local organizations that match your passions

Step 3: Contact them to see what kind of work they have for you

Step 4: Double-check with your school that the work fulfills volunteer hour requirements

Step 5: Start volunteering!

Are you great with kids? Try volunteering your time at local daycares, after-school care programs, children’s art classes, or local kids’ clubs.

Dog devotee or crazy cat lady? Put some time, energy, and love into the SPCA or the Humane Society. There is always a need for volunteers to take care & love animals without homes – you could be the person that changes a kitten’s life! You never know until you try.

Art fanatic? You could help change displays or sell tickets at your local art gallery! Find some local art shows that are looking for volunteers, and go hang out with a bunch of art nerds while you serve the community!

Are you your school’s football star? Try helping younger kids develop their skills in your sport of choice. Not only does this offer an opportunity to have fun, but you can also be of service!

High school volunteer hours are not only about serving your community, but you get the chance to explore what could become your passion, and later your career! Start with something you love & it will pay off!

Still stuck? Check out to browse local volunteer opportunities, sign up as a group and help your community.


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