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Top Nonprofit Needs - Shelters

The need for homeless shelters can be seen across the United States as the winter months approach. Many cities, counties, and towns have a variety of shelters that cater to the homeless during the bitter cold months. Many shelters also have a variety of programs that help the homeless. In some towns and cities you will find soup kitchens, whereas other homeless shelters may just offer a bed and some dry food. Some shelters even offer health services and addiction counseling. One type of homeless shelters that are especially useful during the bitter cold months are the emergency shelters.

If you are interested in donating money to any of these types of homeless shelters, you will need to call your local American Red Cross or other major donor organizations. Some cities and towns also have the United Way, which also has many Shelters available. There are many non-profit organizations that provide funding and services to help the homeless. You can also contact your local newspaper or TV station to see if they have any information about local homeless shelters. Many times the people that live in the areas that are hit the worst by hurricanes and tornadoes will be looking for a way to survive.

If you know of an organization that is in need of shelter supplies then you can often help by offering to donate to their shelter needs. Many organizations will gladly accept donations and you can make a difference when you donate to a shelter. There are some limitations on what they are accepting during the pandemic so make sure you call and check.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you take time to visit your local shelter and see what they need, or ask if you can make a donation.


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