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Top 5 Ways to Volunteer During the Fall

Fall is finally here, which means cooler temperatures, shorter days, and all of the wonders that the season brings with it. Fall is a season of change. What better time to volunteer to change the life of those in your community?

What volunteering teaches you

While volunteering is all about helping others, that’s not to say that the act doesn’t teach you some things along the way. Whether you’re volunteering virtually, in your local community, or abroad, there’s plenty to learn from such as a selfless act.


One of the biggest lessons you’ll take away from volunteering is a profound sense of gratitude. You will have a much deeper appreciation for everything you have in life.

In a world where so many people focus on what they don’t have versus what they do have, volunteering helps people to rebalance and refocus their priorities.

Volunteering serves as a stark reminder of what really matters in life, such as friends, family, health, and happiness.

Small actions can have a big impact

Picking up trash or donating old clothes that you no longer wear may not seem like much. However, the smallest acts often have the biggest impacts, even if you don’t realize them.

Think of it this way: picking up trash beautifies a community while keeping wildlife safe. Donating clothes means that someone has clothes to keep them warm and comfortable.

As a volunteer, you’ll learn that simple actions can (and do) have a big impact. Check out to see available opportunities.

Everyone has a worthwhile story

Volunteering quickly teaches you that everyone has a story. No two lives are the same. Everyone has a background as to who they are and how they’ve made it to where they are in life.

Listening to stories outside of your own bubble is very eye-opening. These stories will make you respect and appreciate the struggles of others. Hearing these stories makes volunteering extremely fulfilling.

How volunteering benefits students

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and selfless things that you can do. Helping others not only allows you to do your part in bettering your community, but volunteering can also benefit you as well.

For example, volunteering will help you to gain confidence and a sense of self-worth. Trying something new and achieving a goal provides a real sense of achievement. Nothing feels better than knowing you did something that benefited someone else.

Volunteering also benefits in students in that it:

  • Enables you to make a difference

  • Gives you a voice and purpose in your community

  • Can teach new skills

  • Allows you to take on a challenge