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The Benefits of Donating Clothes to Charity

Have you ever given any of your old clothes to a charity or the local Salvation Army. Maybe you give them because they have big coats or cute sweaters. Perhaps you give them because you like the clothes. When you give clothes to these organizations, what you are doing is helping people in need. But there is more than just the benefit of helping others when you donate clothes. When you donate clothes to charities, you have an opportunity to spread your own kindness and love for a cause that you care about.

The first reason to donate to charities is simple: It's environmentally friendly. When you drop-off clothes at a thrift store or donation center, they are not being sent directly to a factory where they are made. There is a shipping fee that is added, along with sales tax and brokerage fees. These fees can make a cheap t-shirt or sweatshirt cost over ten dollars. When you donate to a good cause, you may even be able to raise a little money for your favorite organization.

Another reason to think about donating clothes to charities is that when you do this, you will be taking out your slightly old clothes. At some point, everyone has an old shirt, pair of shoes, or other item that is cluttering up a closet. Once those items are gone, so is the memory of who was wearing them or what they did with them. However, when you take out old clothes that you don't necessarily need, you can store them away in a container or better yet, give them to someone who really needs them and can actually benefit from them.

When you donate clothes to charities, you can also be helping people in need. Many charities work with people who might not otherwise have a chance to get some help. If you have children, you may be able to get them involved in donating clothes to charities so that they can get some of the help that they need. That is not to say that all charities work like that, but it is a possibility.

Charities that work with clothing donation are going to have a number of ways that they can get use of the clothing that you donate to them. Sometimes, they will be able to purchase the clothing directly from the factory where the items are manufactured. Other times, they will be able to auction the clothes off at a fundraiser or they might be able to use your donated clothing at a certain event. No matter what the way that the charity uses your donated clothing, you can rest assured that you will be helping someone in need.

As you can see, donating clothes to charity can be a great way to both of these important causes. You will not only be giving back to the community but you will be helping out those people that need it most. There is really no limit to the things that you can do when you donate clothes to charities. If you do have a closet full of clothes that you do not know what to do with, you can donate them and get yourself out of a bind. You will be helping out a good cause and feel good about what you are doing.

Keep in mind not all charities accept clothing. When in doubt call them ahead of time or check out our site to see which charities are currently accepting clothing. During the pandemic most organization prefer getting new coats and clothing. And you can use our site to quickly know what's needed, send it over from any shop or drop it off.

Make a choice of how you want to make a difference. Take action and make the difference today.


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