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  • Harvey Eldridge

Nonprofits Leveraging Giving Digitized for simplified virtual giving

Nonprofits leveraged innovation is changing the way they do business. They are using technology to enhance the experience for donors, members and volunteers. Nonprofits leveraged innovation also includes more time spent on the job by trained and experienced staff. Leveraging Giving Digitized for simplified virtual giving, nonprofits have the ability to deliver more to their community and meet more people who are looking to support their cause.

Technology innovation has been occurring in the nonprofit sector for years. Some of this has been good, some of it hasn't. For the most part, technology in nonprofits has focused on meeting the needs of the online donor. That is changing quickly with the advent of mobile apps and social media. In fact, many nonprofits are using this to create more engagement with their donors.

Nonprofits leveraging technology for giving have the opportunity to connect better with their members and sponsors. This allows them to deliver personalized experiences. It enables them to make real-time connections to donors and members based on their interests. These relationships can lead to donations, sponsorship and volunteer participation.

While the idea of Giving Digitized technology away for free may sound great, there is a downside to this approach. The nonprofit must decide if it is willing to put in the time to set up, manage and efficiently use this technology. The trend toward giving away information for free is not new. In fact, this strategy has been used for several years to increase brand recognition, build community involvement and generate donations. Now, for nonprofits to continue moving forward and to be successful, they need to embrace this approach. Doing so creates an opportunity to connect with donors and members on an even deeper level.

Nonprofits leveraging technology for giving already know the value of communicating with their members and supporters. It will be important for nonprofits to continue to evolve. When nonprofits use Giving Digitized they are creating a new relationship with their audience and one that can last for many years to come. It's important for nonprofits to remember that if they want to be successful they need to engage their audience.

There are two key pieces of advice that nonprofit leaders should follow when using the Service to leverage Giving Digitized; meet the community where they are in the digital space & leverage the best in-kind giving solutions. When nonprofits use digital media and platforms to communicate with their members and supporters, it allows them to reach new levels of organization and efficiency. Furthermore, by using high quality in-kind giving solutions, nonprofits can ensure that they are being creative, original, and saving operational expenses. When nonprofits start thinking about these things, they will realize how much more effective their fundraising and communication efforts can be. Schedule time to learn more and enroll in in-kind giving solutions today.


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