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Non-profit Innovation - Virtual Drives

In our global world of innovation and new ideas, it can sometimes be difficult for non-profit organizations to come up with new ways of reaching the community. It takes time and patience to come up with new promotional ideas that attract donors and volunteers. As a result, many innovative non-profit groups choose to use less-cost methods of attracting donations and volunteers, such as creative events and fundraising activities.

One example of an innovative and cost-effective method for non-profit events are Virtual Drives, which allows communities to donate cleaning supplies to charity in the virtual world.

There are efficient ways that you can implement this non-profit program in your community. First, you can create an online drive through which people in your community can register and donate cleaning supplies online. Our website will then display baskets of cleaning supplies needed for the families you help & make it easier for your supporters to send directly or drop off. And when the supplies are on the way, you know that those families in need are cared for, and you don't need to scale outreach. Several non-profit organizations in the US have implemented this program.

Non-profits can plan the drive on their own and advertise it with their sponsors and supporters. However you choose to go forward, every step will help you in your mission to create a better society for all.


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