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Making a Difference with Volunteerism

Want to Make a Difference? Try Volunteering!

#1 – Beautify Spaces + Improve Programs

● Organize a trash clean-up in a public park

● Volunteer at your local farm – plant seeds, remove weeds & clean vegetables

● Help out with a public mural in your city

#2 – Build Community

● Make friends through volunteering

● Support those in need

● Collaborate with others from your neighborhood or community

#3 – Use Your Privilege/Resources For Good

● If you’re wealthy, redistribute your resources and donate money to causes you care about

● If you’re white, try doing anti-racist volunteering work or directly support POC

● If you’re straight and/or cisgender, advocate for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community

● If you’re able-bodied, engage in disability justice work

#4 – Become a Better Neighbor/Citizen

Connecting to local causes can…

● Increase self-awareness & knowledge of local issues

● Improve compassion & understanding

● Boost your time management skills (because you’re managing yet another thing in your busy schedule)!

● Create local networks of friends & collaborators among volunteers

#5 – Take New Skills Into Your Workplace

● Build social skills & make new connections

○ These connections may serve you later, such as if you meet a fellow volunteer who happens to be a filmmaker and you’re dreaming up a local documentary!

● Learn how to orient yourself in new environments

● Practice new skills (ex. graphic design, navigation, logistics, leadership)

Slide 7: It’s That Easy!

Volunteering creates connections within and throughout communities, helps us grow as individuals and supports our neighbors, communities and shared spaces.

How will you serve your community? Head to for inspiration :)


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