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  • Harvey Eldridge

Magnificent Benefits for nonprofits Incubating Ideas

If you are nonprofits innovating you know the benefits to the community, to your organization, and to your fellow citizens. You know that you can provide solutions, help people solve problems, make them feel safe, get their needs met, and give them a sense of control over their lives. Yet, when it comes to our nonprofit partners, how do you keep them motivated? Is there anything that you can improve? Keep reading to find out.

First, in regards to nonprofits, do you provide solutions and help communities or the world at large? Do you engage in problem solving activities to generate new ideas? Are you connecting with volunteers and innovating solutions to increase the amount of money and supplies that flows into your organization? Finally, are you providing innovating ways for your community and neighborhoods to access funds, services, and resources? If your answer to these questions is no you need to look at how you're being creative and ask yourself if you're serving your purpose.

The first and most obvious benefit to nonprofits innovating is that through philanthropy and community action we will improve the world we live in. It is by helping our neighbors, friends, and the communities that we are strengthening our own communities. Additionally, the more nonprofits that are in place the more influential they will become to their communities. When you are thinking about how you're being creative, take a look at your processes and ask yourself if you're serving your purpose.


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