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How Volunteering Improves Mental Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Alleviates Isolation & Creates Connection

Volunteering is an opportunity to connect with other folks in your area who care about similar things as you! This can help soothe feelings of isolation by creating new connections.

Develops Empathy & Joy

When you donate your time to a cause about which you care deeply, you’ll not only learn more about local communities that need support, but you’re likely to work closely with the people affected by your work.

This can help you develop empathy towards them and find joy in your work.

Ignites Passion

Not only does volunteering help your community, but it can help you discover what lights your soul on fire!

Maybe you like organizing inventory in the warehouse, but maybe you’re the type to work directly with the people you’re supporting. Whatever your role, volunteering can ignite passion in places you least expect it.

Increases Happiness (Supported by Science!)

Studies on volunteering have shown that wellbeing does in fact increase when people volunteer.

It might be skewed by the fact that “happier people do tend to spend more time volunteering,” but you don’t need to already be happy to benefit from it (UC Berkeley)!

If you’re not convinced that volunteering is good for your mental health & wellbeing yet, why not?

Sign up as a group on and help connect those in need with those who provide.


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