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Giving Back in Hoboken

For many residents of Hoboken, donating to a charity has become a way of life. Hoboken residents donate money to local food pantries and food banks, as well as to the Salvation Army, to help those in their area who might not otherwise receive much in the way of aid. There's no question that we can all feel a little overwhelmed at times, and we all want to give when we can. But what happens when you can help? Donating to charity is one option out of many. Many areas have pantries or food banks that accept donations of almost any kind, but if yours doesn't, it's never too late to sign up here.

In Hoboken, there's a food bank that serves about 30 families each month. While it serves a wide variety of meals, it's primarily known for serving hot, filling meals to people in crisis, including children who have been cut from school due to illness or a poor diet, seniors who are forced to lose their homes or get transferred to a nursing facility because of a hospitalization, and people with severe medical conditions who need the extra support that food donations can provide. Donations to the food bank are welcome, whatever the reason. And when it comes to donations, it's important to remember that charity doesn't have to come in the form of an expensive food drive. A basket of locally grown fresh vegetables , pantry staples, and canned goods are all perfectly acceptable, as long as they help the recipients of the donations to find a way of life, which is often sorely lacking in our less fortunate communities. Sometimes there is a mismatch between where there is a need and those who are able to give. Check out our platform for opportunities to give back to current needs.

Of course, for many residents of Hoboken, donating isn't enough. You can also sign up to volunteer, donate your time and skills to the cause you choose. Donations are also needed by individuals who live in the area but cannot travel there for whatever reason. Through contacting charities or by visiting the website, you can learn of local groups that will accept donations in your locality, or you can go online to donate to any of nonprofit organizations located in America.


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