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  • Harvey Eldridge

Digitizing Community Outreach Efforts

It is one of life's most rewarding experiences to lend a helping hand to the people who are most in need. The ongoing pandemic has made it more difficult to mobilize and bring help to those in need over the last few years. This is why Giving Digitized was founded. It is a digital platform that helps charities and volunteers adjust to the new norm.

This platform has changed the way charities communicate and interact with the public. It has made it possible for these foundations to take part in distant charitable giving by making the process more efficient and streamlined. It not only allows for transparency in the process of distribution and requests from the community, but also makes it easy to see who has received it. The site gives communities a place to communicate what they need, what kind of help is coming and how it was distributed.

This unique venture is already making a significant impact on hundreds of families across four states through 17 charities. They have also donated more than 24,550 meals in various American communities.

In January, 24 participants from across the country joined together to create Giving Digitized, the largest single-day effort by the company. This large-scale charity event was held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day which is also known as the National Day of Service. The next large event is scheduled for the National Day of service in September.

Shazia Peeran, founder, shared that it was an honor to serve as a partner in the Presidential Inaugural Commission National Day of Service. This event is being planned with AmeriCorps. It was encouraging to see so many people wanting to help and contribute to the community.

The organization is now working to promote its remarkable advocacy and expand its network to help more families and people. They also want to collaborate with other like-minded groups that are interested in helping the community with supplies for various situations. This includes natural disasters, food drives and school supplies drives. This group also works to address issues such as hunger and homelessness that have been made worse by the pandemic.

The platform's future goal is to assist a million people in crisis. They organize and plan virtual drives each year, including food, groceries, and natural disaster relief. Charities can also participate.

Giving Digitized hopes to help more charities know they can use the platform to make it easier and more efficient to serve the community.


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