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Advantages of Volunteering for Teens

Volunteering is a great way for teenagers to give back to their community and beyond. It's also a practical way for teens to learn life skills that will serve them long into the future.

Here are five advantages of volunteering for teenagers.

1. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

Volunteering has shown to increase feelings of self-worth. Helping others is not only fun, it allows teens to gain a sense of purpose. Knowing that your actions are impacting someone else’s life makes you feel accomplished.

2. Gain empathy

Volunteering is extremely eye opening. Many teens aren’t exposed to the world outside of their own. By joining a philanthropic cause, teenagers can see that not everyone's life is like theirs. Helping people with different life circumstances helps teens to become more empathetic to others.

3. Learn the importance of generosity

Getting involved in volunteering early in life puts teenagers on the path to life-long generosity. Those who volunteer when they're young are more likely to volunteer or donate to non-profit organizations when they're older.

4. Meet new people

People are often surprised by the friends and connections they make when volunteering. Helping out in your community allows you to get to know many different types of people, especially those who are different from you.

Meeting new people enables teenagers to develop a well-rounded view of the world.

5. Great for college applications

For teens who are looking to further their education, volunteering is a great addition to college applications. Admissions officers are always looking for well-rounded students who not only excel in school but are productive in their community.

Do you want to volunteer but don't know where to start? Head over to to sign up as a group and to help your community.

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