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A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

What does a day in the life of a volunteer look like? The answer to this can vary based on the organization, the person’s role & their time commitment.

The best part about volunteering is that any contribution counts. If you only have a few hours on your day off once a week, that’s okay! Most organizations will be grateful for any time you can offer & do their best to accommodate your schedule.

A day in the life of a volunteer might look very different for one person versus another!

If you’re working at a women’s shelter, your morning might look something like this:

● Arrive at the women’s shelter

● Sign in on the timesheet

● Check in with your advisor for that day’s tasks

● Start where you’re assigned (or on the most urgent task)

As you move further into your day, your tasks might shift!

You might encounter jobs like:

● Cooking or serving meals for women who use the shelter

● Cleaning rooms, remaking beds, or doing laundry

● Answering calls from potential visitors or other shelters

● Adjusting priorities based on situations that pop up

If you work a full volunteer shift at the women’s shelter, you might help with closing at the end of the day.

This can include:

● Bringing in signs from the street

● Preparing materials for the next day

● Working late as support staff for those who need help after hours

● Closing windows, doors & computer systems to protect the organization overnight

Whatever your role & whatever the organization, any day as a volunteer is bound to be an exciting one! With ever-changing priorities and an abundance of tasks that need to be done, you’ll never run out of things to do & people to serve.

Want to join us? Head to to sign up as a group and help the community.


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