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8 Ways to Celebrate Teachers on World Teacher’s Day!

Teachers have one of the most important jobs: they provide our children with the education they need to survive in an ever-changing world. World Teacher’s Day is an opportunity to show these hard-working educators just how much we appreciate them!

What is World Teachers’ Day?

In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

declared October 5th to be World Teacher’s Day, intended to appreciate, improve, and assess educators around the world while recognizing their rights and responsibilities. Here are eight ways you can show your support for teachers on this special day.

How You Can Show Your Support

★ Use this website to send supplies to educators and students in need.

Teachers can always use more supplies, especially since they often have to use their

own money to cover what they need.

★ Provide a gift card to the teacher’s favorite restaurant.

Candles and spa cards can also help your teacher relax!

★ Create a memory book with your child for the teacher.

The gift of unforgettable memories.

★ Write a personalized letter or e-card to the teacher along with a drawing or note

from your child.

Bonus points if you frame them so the teacher can put them on the wall!

★ Help educators get classroom supplies by setting up a fundraiser!

This is another method to help make a teacher’s job easier and more effective.

★ Put together a care package with hand-made crafts and a few gifts that the

teacher will enjoy

Taking the time to make something yourself shows that you really care.

★ Coordinate with other parents to create a collage of the teacher’s students with

notes showing appreciation

This would look great on the classroom bulletin board!

★ Show your appreciation with flowers of a small plant to brighten the classroom

A special thank you reminding the educator how they have helped your child grow.


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