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5 Ways to Give Back in the New Year

Looking to give back to your community in the new year? There’s no better time than the present to help local organizations make an impact!

There are a million & one ways to serve your neighbors & local organizations, but we’ll get you started with our Top Five Ways to Give Back in the New Year

When it comes time to give back, it’s important to consider a few factors before you dive into volunteering.

You’ll want to consider questions like the following:

● How much time do I have to commit to this cause?

● What skills can I bring to the table?

● What are the goals I’d like to work towards through volunteering?

● Is this cause something I care about?

Once you have the answers to these questions (no, they don’t need to be final), you’re ready to start looking at volunteer positions more seriously.

Now, let’s get into it! Here are our top 5 ways to give back in the new year:

1. Donate Things You No Longer Use

Let’s face it – most of us have a closet full of clothes we never wear, or a couple of pots & pans that haven’t seen the light of day for ages. Go through some of the clutter in your house & donate what you don’t need to a homeless shelter, women’s emergency housing, or a thrift store!

2. Help Out A Neighbor (or Three!)

If you live in a place where snow is a common weather event, consider helping out your neighbors by offering to shovel snow off their driveways or run errands for them.

Many folks go car-less to preserve money & space, so if you have access to a car, you could offer to take them to work, drive them to the grocery store, or simply take them to a friend’s house or a café for a warm drink.

3. Share Your Time

Got an abundance of time? Why not share the wealth? Volunteering your time is one of the best ways to help out your community during any time of the year, but especially during the holidays & whenever you have time off.

Reach out to local daycares, after-school programs, church youth groups, & other organizations that could benefit from your time & see what you can do to help them!

4. Spread Love!

Most communities have a number of senior homes, hospitals, & live-in facilities where people of all ages reside & receive all kinds of care.

Call around & see if any of these local facilities could use a hand! Whether you’re there to drop off homemade cookies or spend time with the residents, your love will be tangible.

5. Give the Gift of Knowledge

If you know a certain subject really well, why not share that knowledge with your community?

Offer to tutor at a local school, or use your skills to support students learning English as a second language.

Whatever you choose, do it with a lot of heart & soul.

Head to to sign up as a group & help the community!


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